Our Committee

Get to know the Brussels Homecoming Committee that is behind the best possible celebrations we can have.

If you would like to be a volunteer, have an event idea, or want to run an event - please contact Mike Thomas.


All other inquiries can be forwarded to Dan Fritz.

Committee Executives

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Dan Fritz
Committee Co-Chair
Mike Thomas
Committee Co-Chair
Crystal McCallum
Pam McLean
Sherrie Oliver
Director at Large
Zoellyn Onn
Director at Large
Alix Sholdice
Marketing Lead
Alix Sholdice
Merchandising Lead
Donna White
Volunteer Lead
Jamie Mitchell
Security Lead
Jodi Houston
Bar Lead
John Groves
Grounds Lead
John Lowe
Parade Coordinator
Mike Thomas
Events Lead
Rosie Kellington
Decorating Lead


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Bar - Led by Jodi Houston
    - Caitlin Gillis
    - Crystal McCallum
    - Dan Fritz (Advisor)
    - Doug McArter
    - Mike Thomas (Advisor)
    - Nicole Lowe
    - Nicole Olson
    - Pam McLean
Decorating - Led by Rosie Kellington
    - Ashley Higgins
    - Brenda Wheeler
    - Corry Sholdice
    - Debbie Trollope/Ross
    - Janette Monahan
    - Julie Pearce
    - Mary Henry
    - Nanci Ducharme
    - Nancy Bridge
Events - Organized by Mike Thomas
    - Kevin Kellington - Classic Car Show Lead
    - Pam McLean - Kick-Off Dance Lead
    - Sherrie Oliver - Kick-Off Dance Lead
Grounds - Led by John Groves
    - Dan Fritz (Advisor)
    - Dwayne Vanravenswaay
    - Jamie Mitchell
    - Mike Thomas (Advisor)
Marketing - Led by Alix Sholdice
    - Anna Wilson
    - Dan Fritz (Advisor)
    - Heather Logan
    - Justin Morrison
    - Mike Thomas (Advisor)
    - Peter Jaycock
Merchandise - Led by Alix Sholdice
    - Dan Fritz
    - Jordyn Sholdice
    - Rosanne Groves
    - Alix Sholdice
    - Dan Fritz
    - Mike Thomas
    - Pam McLean